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Project 5: The Lethenty Mill Table Lamp Base

A colour guide with advice and instruction on how to make a solid wood table lamp base from quality Scots wood.

The Lethenty Mill Table Lamp Base The Lethenty Mill Table Lamp Base

The DIY project manual for the Lethenty Mill table lamp base is a comprehensive colour guide with step-by-step instructions, detailing how to make this traditional piece of quality Scottish wooden furniture.

Lethenty Mill Furniture owner, Allan Fyfe, first made table lamp bases around 20 years ago and believes that, while small items such as these are a lot of work, they are invaluable for sharpening up your woodworking technique.

The table lamp base project covers three different types of dovetail and the DIY manual goes through the dovetailing technique in detail. If you are underconfident about your dovetailing skills, we recommend that you tackle project 3, the bread box, first before embarking on this project.

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