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Project 21: Wardrobe

Lethenty Mill Wardrobe - A traditional quality wooden wardrobe kit.

Wardrobe Wardrobe

An exercise in door making and door hanging. We recommend trying one of the LM bedside cabinets first before attempting this project.

The door framing we supply is always quarter sawn and straight grained (even in pine) when it is difficult to obtain. Quarter sawn framing will give you minimal distortion in the finished door.

The 1.2 wardrobe is supplied with extra materials to make a shelf; customers often ask for a shelf either at the top or at the bottom and this will increase the rigidity of the carcass.

Either wardrobe can be customised with a 'Gent's Wardrobe' interior or drawers or random shelves - the choice is yours! It just isnít part of the project.

Manual Price: £0.00

Lethenty Mill Wardrobe 1m Kit Price: £290.00

Lethenty Mill Wardrobe 1.2m Kit Price: £340.00

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