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Project 19: Under Bed Drawers

Lethenty Mill Under Bed Drawers - Build your own storage drawers in wood.

Under Bed Drawers Under Bed Drawers

These drawers provide an effective way of gaining more storage space in the modern house. They fit comfortably under the LM Bed without clashing with the bedside table.

You can be as particular as you like with this kit - if the pressure is on (and we know what that is like!), you can cut the components down and dowel the sides together, then glue and screw on the base. (That is, if you can sleep at night knowing that you have skimped on dovetails!)

Underbed drawers often have complicated slider systems or casters. With this design there are fewer parts to break down and they slide perfectly well on a carpet (for wooden floors - just fit felt pads).

The manual includes cutting list and drawings only.

Manual Price: £0.00

Lethenty Mill Under Bed Drawers Kit Price: £43.00

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