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Project 22: Dressing Table/Desk

Lethenty Mill Dressing Table/Desk with single or double pedestal.

Dressing Table/Desk Dressing Table/Desk

This is the same height and complementary to the LM three drawer chest - not quite the fitted bedroom but close to it. This is another exercise in dovetailing and is not for the faint hearted!

If you want to do a trial run in something less demanding try the bedside cabinet - it was designed with that in mind; the notes are comprehensive whereas the manual for this kit is brief and a basic knowledge is expected.

We haven't got round to providing a mirror for this dressing table, the simplest solution is a plain mirror on the wall, but the simplest solution isn't always what the client wants! Send us a cutting list if you want to design your own and need matching materials to the kit.

The manual includes cutting list and drawings only.

Manual Price: £0.00

Lethenty Mill Dressing Table/Desk - single pedestal (35kg) Kit Price: £151.00

Lethenty Mill Dressing Table/Desk - double pedestal (66kg) Kit Price: £210.00

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