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Project 24: Dresser

Lethenty Mill Dresser - A large quality dresser; two drawer and three drawer options available.

Dresser Dresser

The biggest kit - the biggest project; like some earlier ones this has evolved over time and is based on the sideboard project.

The fascia is supplied over size in order to allow for alternative designs. You may wish to pick up a similar shape from another piece of furniture or just express this detail differently.

The construction of the cornice is relatively simple to make by hand and provides an effective finish to the back.

Remember to run grooves for plates if you want them. They are difficult to fit in later! If this does happen, you can always stitch beads on to the surface as an after thought.

Manual Price: £0.00

Lethenty Mill Dresser - two door (1.2m) (90kg) Kit Price: £321.00

Lethenty Mill Dresser - three door (1.8m) (128kg) Kit Price: £390.00

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