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Project 9: Lethenty Mill Dining Chair/Carver

Our DIY colour manual provides comprehensive instructions on how to make a solid wooden Dining Chair/Carver using traditional woodworking skills.

Lethenty Mill Dining Chair/Carver Lethenty Mill Dining Chair/Carver

The DIY furniture-making manual for the Lethenty Mill Dining Chair or Carver is a comprehensive colour guide with step-by-step instructions, detailing how to make this traditional piece of quality wooden furniture.

This manual also includes a fascinating discussion regarding the history of the Chammer chair, along with photographic examples. As author, Allan Fyfe writes: 'Chammer chairs were probably just "chairs" in the early nineteenth century but were relegated to the "chammer" or farm bothy when new mass produced chairs in hardwood became available and popular in the mid nineteenth century. However, they were still made by final year joinery apprentices as a project to test their skills along with a kist and perhaps a sliding sash window-also in pine.'

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Dining Chair with Wooden seat (12kg) Kit Price: £94.00

Dining Chair with Upholstered seat (12kg) Kit Price: £105.40

Carver with Wooden seat (14kg) Kit Price: £109.00

Carver with Upholstered seat (14kg) Kit Price: £120.00

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