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Project 15: Chammer/Kitchen Carver

Lethenty Mill Chammer Kitchen Carver - A traditional Scottish wooden Kitchen Carver.

Chammer/Kitchen Carver Chammer/Kitchen Carver

A direct copy from the local vernacular; learn how to make it by hand or with basic machine tools. You will need the manual for project 9, as only the drawings and cutting list are supplied with this project.

This is one of our all time favourites! At Lethenty Mill Furniture, chair making is very special and these chairs are quite demanding to make. The drawings, which are closely linked with the cutting list, should make it that bit easier for you.

This chair is copied from a woodwormed side chair that came from a tumbledown farmhouse in Glenbuchat, Aberdeenshire.

The arms are from a carver, same provenance. We copied the original years ago just before it collapsed of woodworm fatigue. Someone (we don't remember who!) said that the feature in the curved front of the arms - the thumbhole - is local and traditional.

The manual includes cutting list and drawings only.

Manual Price: £0.00

Lethenty Mill Chammer Carver (14kg) Kit Price: £93.00

Lethenty Mill Chammer Carver Upholstered (14kg) Kit Price: £104.00

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