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Project 26: Brose Cap

Pre-cut wood and a full colour manual with instructions for making a traditional Scottish wooden Brose Cap

Brose Cap Brose Cap

The 'cap' or bowl can be made from one block of wood 130mm x 250mm or from two pieces of 65mm (or more) x 250mm glued together as one complete block of seasoned wood. The larger block is difficult to get, so the cutting list allows for two pieces.

If the 'cap' is to be used as it was intended for your 'brose' at breakfast time, it would have to be made out of the larger block - one piece. Traditionally, as far as I know, they were left unfinished, so as a two piece, the joint would have been vulnerable. Although the original brose cap was made in one piece, it had a light bead running round. As you can see, the one above has the same decorative feature, which conceals the join.

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