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Project 18: Lethenty Mill Bed

Lethenty Mill Bed - This bed has been constructed for over 25 years at Lethenty Mill and is one of our most popular items.

Lethenty Mill Bed Lethenty Mill Bed

Learn to make this substantial bed, in red pine or hardwood. The brackets are made specially for us - we have tried most of the manufactured ones and, so far, remain unimpressed!

Like the dining table (project 12), this item evolved. We have been making beds like this at Lethenty Mill for the last 25 years. It has been very popular and has led to further orders.

The brackets are very important - we have found that most manufactured ones are either difficult to assemble or slacken off easily or have visible parts on the bed-end.

The manual includes cutting list and drawings only.

Manual Price: £0.00

Lethenty Mill Bed - 1.370m (4ft 6in) (60kg) Kit Price: £200.00

Lethenty Mill Bed - 1.520m (5ft) (60kg) Kit Price: £215.00

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