03 Oct 2014


Aberdeenshire-based Lethenty Mill Furniture is offering new and experienced woodworkers the chance to try something different in the company's final ten-week block of evening classes in 2014.

"During our last block of the year, we have decided to add even more variety - and hopefully fun - to our furniture-making classes," says Allan Fyfe, proprietor, Lethenty Mill Furniture. "Those who attend will get the opportunity to complete a traditional woodworking project in time for Christmas; this can be based on one of Lethenty Mill Furniture's own projects, which are popular with both evening class members and distance learners. Those who are interested in the traditional aspect of what we do will have the chance to use carefully restored vintage and antique tools to create their projects."

After over 30 years in business, Lethenty Mill Furniture has cultivated a reputation for crafting quality, traditional Scottish furniture by hand. The last decade has seen a growth in the 'learning' side of the business. Evening classes are offered four evenings per week and a range of downloadable projects has been developed for distance learners. As well as teaching evening class members the traditional techniques associated with furniture-making in the north east, proprietor Allan Fyfe also stocks a variety of "trued and tried" vintage tools within his Wood-Shop, based on-site at Lethenty Mill Furniture.

"I believe that we are unique in terms of what we are teaching here at Lethenty Mill," he says. "The vintage tools that we use are as fit for purpose as they were one hundred years ago - and they give the furniture-maker the satisfaction of finishing the job by hand. It is a pleasure to be able to share the joy of using these tools with others."

The Autumn/Winter block of evening classes at Lethenty Mill starts from Monday, 13 October. For further information about the learning opportunities on offer at Lethenty Mill Furniture, visit www.lethenty-mill.com or telephone 01467 622489.