21 Feb 2010


Lethenty Mill Furniture, based just outside Inverurie, has extended the content and frequency of its evening classes in 2010.

The evening classes, which have steadily grown in popularity since they were first introduced in 2003, now run three times a week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the workshops on site at Lethenty Mill. 2010 has also seen the introduction of a greater variety of hand tools and traditional techniques within the class teaching.

"I am delighted to have added a third weekly evening class to our teaching programme," says Allan Fyfe, proprietor, Lethenty Mill Furniture. "I am also pleased with the positive feedback I get regarding the introduction of some vintage tools into the classes. So far, our class members seem to be getting great satisfaction from doing things by hand using 'antique technology'! Vintage tools are an environmentally friendly and effective alternative to power tools and woodworking machines."

The Spring/Summer ten-week blocks of evening classes at Lethenty Mill Furniture run from 26/27/28 April until 28/29/30 June. Anyone who wishes to add their name to the waiting list should contact Allan Fyfe on 01467 622489; email info@lethenty-mill.com.

Lethenty Mill Furniture has supplied the North East and beyond with traditional, quality furniture for over 30 years. In addition to its evening classes, the company has also developed a range of home learning projects, which can be accessed via its website at www.lethenty-mill.com.