About Lethenty Mill Furniture

Lethenty Mill in the snow

Over the last 37 years, Lethenty Mill Furniture has gained a reputation for producing quality items of wooden Scottish furniture and hand-made kitchens. Over the past few years, the emphasis has been on teaching others to make quality items of furniture using traditional hand tools and woodworking techniques.

Picture of the Lethenty Mill tool shop

Many of the items of furniture produced at Lethenty Mill Furniture, which is located near Aberdeen, are based on unique designs developed by company owner, Allan Fyfe.

Since its establishment, Lethenty Mill Furniture has supplied customers throughout the North East of Scotland and beyond with timeless pieces of solid Scottish wooden furniture, including tables, chairs, beds, stools, dressers and drawers.

Over time, Allan Fyfe started running furniture making evening classes within his workshops at Lethenty Mill, Aberdeenshire so that he could pass on his craft skills and woodworking knowledge to others. The evening classes have proven to be very popular and now run four times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Following the success of these furniture making evening classes, Lethenty Mill Furniture introduced a range of home learning furniture making projects and self-build wooden kits to allow even more people to discover traditional Scottish furniture making in wood. The projects, which range from beginners through to advanced, each have a full-colour manual and accompanying kit. Project manuals can be ordered directly from the site and the kits, which comprise pre-cut wood, can also be ordered online.

Other teaching projects have included a five-day green woodworking course. This course has taken place in the grounds of Lethenty Mill (under cover of the green woodworking shed when the Scottish weather dictates!) and covers topics such as Wood from the Tree; Tools of the Trade; Use & Construction of Pole Lathe; Use & Construction of Shaving Horse (and the World of the Spokeshave); Woodturning using the Cast Iron Treadle Lathe and Spoon Carving. If you are interested in green woodworking, please contact Allan to find out more about green woodworking taster sessions. Contact us for further information.

Another relatively recent development at Lethenty Mill Furniture is the introduction of vintage tools. A selected range is available for sale from our shop at Lethenty Mill and also online on our sister site, wood-shop.co.uk. The tools, which include planes, saws and other items, have all been “trued and tried” by Allan and are graded for their usefulness and longevity. Evening class members are also given the opportunity to try using vintage tools during classes.